MAXIM magazine has chosen the hottest beauty of the year. Look at it (in the top 10 was lit and Siberians)

In Moscow, chose the winner of the beauty contest Miss MAXIM. Ten of the most beautiful and sexy girls by the readers of the magazine appeared before the men of the jury, members of which were TV presenter Anton Komolov, comedian Vladimir Marconi and blogger Alexey Stolyarov.

For the title of hottest girl according to MAXIM magazine this year competed Anastasia Sobolevskaya (mound), Karina Maksimova (Veliky Novgorod), Maria Matiash (Moscow), Jan butsenko (Vladivostok), Karina Melkonyan (Stockholm), Maria Pisarska (Novosibirsk), Lily Gylmiyarova (Ufa), Danica Danylevska (Moscow), Ekaterina Ilves (Yaroslavl) and Yulia Filippova (St. Petersburg).