Human history has been one long string of the wise passing on their knowledge to the young, and wisdom isn’t necessarily something that comes with age, but it does come with experience. The domain of technology is one in which experience needs to be passed down from generation to generation, and there are plenty of companies out there that are trying to make this a reality.

Nonprofits with the goal of expanding people’s collective knowledge are nothing new, but they are surprisingly uncommon in the technological domain, and the existing ones tend to lack focus. However, a few of them are doing everything they can to help young workers ease their way into the field.

A prevalent name in the field of tech nonprofits is Mason Soiza, and today, we’re going to look at his most successful nonprofit yet: the Verdant Lake Tech Group. With over 100 applicants so far, this organization is looking like it can greatly improve the chances of young people in the tech industry, so let’s take a closer look at them.

The Details About Verdant Lake Tech Group

Verdant Lake Tech Group is not the first nonprofit of this kind that has been spearheaded by Mason Soiza, but this is certainly his most successful yet in his short history of doing so.

After having recently started working with and founding his own nonprofits in the tech and entrepreneurship field, Mr. Soiza has used his experience to the best of his abilities with Verdant Lake.

This initiative exists to help spread tech knowledge to places where it is scarce, and their scope is worldwide. Verdant Lake Tech Group hopes that more people working in the tech industry can help make it more competitive, and this can help speed up the rate of innovation in the field.

While Verdant Lake is open to teaching people of all ages about the importance and details of technology and computer science, it mainly focuses on providing opportunities to young people. To that end, it has been looking for applicants who are looking to learn more about the technological field in-depth.

A Recent Influx of New Talent

Applicants to Verdant Lake Tech’s most recent and ambitious program do not have to pay a cent to attend, and they have been chosen by lottery. This is essentially a pilot program to see if an even larger outreach can be attempted later on, but with 100 applicants already selected, it is looking promising.

These applicants will be put through a crash-course that will introduce them about everything related to web entrepreneurship with a distinct focus on the technical aspect of the field. While there are nonprofits that focus on each of these individually, there are precious few that combine both elements.

Verdant Lake Tech is closely overseen by the man who founded it: Mason Soiza and his expertise is invaluable to the budding entrepreneurs that are being guided along. If you’re wondering about his qualifications, let’s take a more in-depth look at Mason Soiza.

Who is the Man with the Plan?

Mason Soiza is an English web entrepreneur who is 24 years old and has already accomplished his dreams. That’s about the best way to sum up the man in a single sentence, but let’s expand on that a little. Thanks to his technical expertise, his motivation, and his way with words, Mason Soiza has managed to accomplish a lot in his years on this earth.

However, since achieving success, Mr. Soiza has been focused on giving back to the world that has helped him make his dreams come true, and his nonprofits are just one of the many facets of his charity. Mason Soiza has close ties to many charitable organizations that focus on social justice and technology.

Mr. Soiza has expressed his desire to expand his charitable efforts and focus on them full-time, and his recent work with Verdant Lake Tech speaks for itself.

A Possible Empire in the Making

Mason Soiza is someone to look out for in the tech industry, as he has the potential to revolutionize the way we spread technological awareness. We’ll be keeping a close eye on Verdant Lake to see how they grow and shape the young minds they are working with.