Showbiz is The quest for a healthy, easy, and affordable kent, Martine Prenen (55), if no one else does. Of course, we all want good in our own skin, and baking power to make each and every day to refuel. But how do you do that, ennog, more importantly, how are you going to do?Her new monologue, “The Healthy Woman” and offers the gezondheidscoach of the answers.

all The darkness which at the time, Martine Prenen was working as an announcer for, among other things, the VRT and VTM, which has over the years reduced. It is her passion for a healthy and happy lifestyle and its drives as a gezondheidscoach. Each and every week to share Prenen, her secrets on her blog, and in a Mar10 min’-home.

10 minutes now, however, the 75 ‘minute’. Since Jennifer launched just launched her very own juicy monologue, ‘The Healthy Woman’, which, ‘Mar10′, the audience a taste of its own internal kitchen.What do you do if your system is out of balance it becomes, a woman with a moustache and a manborsten? In this playful yet witty show, it gives the gezondheidscoachheel watwat useful tips in order to be happy in your own skin to sit on.