Triathlon, Marten Van Riel, the vicewereldtitel for themselves in the olympic distance triathlon at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in the armed forces, in China Wuhan.

The 26-year-old man from antwerp, the olympic distance triathlon (1.5 km swim, 40 km bike, 10 km run) in 1u42:25-and this had to be the Frenchman Pierre Le Corre (1u42:23) is violated. Kevin Duke was the 28th in the 1u48:31 am, Simon De Cuyper 31 (1u49:24) and the Green Before # 43 (1u54:19). The nation leaderboards and ended in Belgium on the third place.

all the women were Sophie and the End of the in-2u10:39 the very best of Belgium, to Mandy Dammekens 35 (2u13:54), and in the ruined buildings Mommen 36 (2u17:08). The nation leaderboards, there was a sixth.

Belgium, close to the world games for the soldiers to finish with three medals. On Thursday, it was the national military team of Belgian paratroopers, known by the name ‘Hayabusa’ (falcon in Japanese), once again world champion in free-fall. The team at the military world games, the CISM (Conseil International du Sport Military are already for the eleventh time in a row, have the best military team in the discipline of formation skydiving four. In addition, there was a bronze medal in the high jump, with a jump over 2.15 m by the 19-year-old professional athlete, Thomas Carmoy.