Mark gallay: as war pilot, who taught Gagarin to say,

Biography 26/12/19 mark gallay: as war pilot, who taught Gagarin to say, “let’s Go”

Soft and intelligent mark Lazarevich gallay was nothing like the pilot who has made dozens of sorties in the most difficult conditions experienced in the aircraft and learn to fly Yury Gagarin. A close friend of Mark Gallay Director Edgar Ryazanov said of him: “During the heroic biography he was absolutely unheroic appearance”.

“This is just a sample of life”

Eldar Ryazanov gallay met in 50 years in the House of creativity. Mark Lazarevic that time was the author of several wonderful books, joined the Union of writers. As said Eldar Ryazanov about his novels: “There is no single papanskogo words, no slogan. This is just a sample of life.” This is not surprising because the material for the works by Mark Gallai were their own memories and impressions of war, the service test pilot, the work in the cosmonaut corps.

He was born in 1914 in St. Petersburg in the family of an engineer. Aircraft carried away in his youth. Simultaneously with the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute, he graduated from the school of pilots at the Leningrad flying club, got good experience of flying gliders and parachute jumps. After graduation, mark gallay began to work as a test of the Central hydrodynamic Institute.

When the Great Patriotic war, Mark Lazarevich sent to serve as a pilot during the 2nd separate squadron of the air defense of Moscow. His first dogfight took place exactly a month after the outbreak of war on 22 July 1941. In this battle, mark Lazarevich shot down a German plane “Dornier-215”. Years later, he was told by Eldar Ryazanov that when the fight was over, the sun had already set, and in the darkness he did not realize where his airfield. To wait for dawn in the air, he could not, fuel would not be enough. Then mark Lazarevich recalled that the airfield is located at the Moscow-riversI. He fell, found the river by the characteristic Shine of water, able to navigate in the dark and return safely. During this battle the mark gallay was awarded the order of the red banner.

the same composure, courage and ingenuity mark gallay showed during his later sorties, of which he had more than 20.

Then, on the orders of the command of the Gallay, like all other pilots, withdrew from the front to their pre-war work. Mark Lazarevic returned to the Flight research Institute, where he studied the most important for the front activity: modified production aircraft for combat conditions, including, refitted them with new engines.

Then he was sent for practical training with pilots who had to fight on the front line.

However, mark gallay was not just an engineer of war machines and test pilot. He made many sorties, and believed that to talk in class with a ruler, how to behave under fire — just not allowed. With great difficulty he obtained permission to conduct the practical training in the air, in real combat conditions. So, by the summer of 1943, he was again at the front.

In one of the flights the instructor gallay performed the functions of a second pilot. The plane was hit, but both drivers were in no hurry to leave the cabin with a parachute. Under them were Bryansk, and they sought to steal a burning car as far away from the city. In the end, gallay jumped, when it is already burning clothes. He landed not very good, hit the tree trunk, having received a spinal injury. To get to their Gallay helped the guerrillas, to which he was able to get through the pain in his back.

Once in the home of LEAH, gallay learned that his presumed dead and placed in a prominent place a picture in a mourning frame.

mark Lazarevic continued its work on the aircraft for the front. It was he who experienced such legendary war machines like the MiG-9, Tu-4 and JM, and others. During the war Gallay met and became friends with Sergei Korolev, who was then a prisoner for political articles and worked in the battalion aviation maintenance one of the military airfields.

Despite a back injury, mark Lazarevich flew for another twenty years — he had to wear a corset – and experienced a 124 type of aircraft.

Who said, “let’s Go”

From 1960, the year mark Lazarevich gallay holds the position of instructor-methodologist on piloting the spacecraft at OKB-1, headed by Korolev.

Tell you what, when the king invited him to work, gallay laughed a lot. “How am I going to teach astronauts to fly if he never been to space?” – he said. However, the invitation was accepted and he prepared to fly all of the first cosmonauts – Gagarin, Titov, and others.

the Legendary “Went” Gagarin took over from his mentor. Practicing on the simulator different situations that could arise during the flight, gallay explained in detail the future astronaut all “introductory”, and then said:

—are you ready?


— Then we go!

And pressed the “start”button.

in fact, the pilot in this situation should say: “the Crew, fly!”. However, among test pilots in the course is “let’s Go!” since the standard formulation in the view of these brave, but completely deprived of the pathos of people, seems too picture.

mark Lazarevich recalled that hostility to the posh phrase “Crew and fly!” he felt, when she heard a “flyer” it proudly proclaims, ready to take-off by light aircraft, the crew of which consisted of him alone.

after Returning from his flight, Yuri Gagarin, said Gallay, “mark Lazarevich, everything was exactly as I painted. If you have been there before me.”

mark Lazarevich gallay died in 1998. He had the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, was awarded three orders of Lenin, four orders of the red banner, two orders of the Patriotic war 1st StEpen, the order of the red Star, the order “badge of Honor” and 16 medals.

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