In ghent, After a 30-year career as a self-employed plumber to make the switch to teaching? There are a few that are in the Marc Verhoeyen (60) to imitate. This year, he started out as a full-time teacher at KTA MoBi Gent. He sees his age as a handicap. “On the contrary. If you are a parent, do you feel stronger in your shoes in front of the class.”

On-campus Schoonmeersen, gathered today to 130 teachers for this school year to start, with lessons on the GO!school district, the city of Ghent. The school district would be hard to bet on the mentoring of beginning teachers. “In this way, we can ensure that the necessary support and motivation for staying,” said Stephen Brynaert, executive director of the group. “We have to take a number of actions. Every start-up, the teacher, and the other starting staff will have a mentor assigned to it. In addition, we will organize throughout the school year in various content sessions are for educators, for example, around class management, future-oriented, teaching and self-care/work-life balance.”

A prominent member of the ‘starters day of the GO!district Gent’s Marc Verhoeyen. As a four, he’s already had a career of 30 years and leader as an independent supplier of plumbing and heating systems. In 2018, he attended a teacher training course and since this year he is a full-time classroom teachers in the KTA. MoBi.