Map stench in Novosibirsk — looking the names of the streets suffocated by the terrible smell

complaints of a terrible stench in Novosibirsk come to the editor NGS more and more often. This week citizens have double-resented an unpleasant odor — but there is still two days. The mayor’s Elbow promised each wave will be recorded, and the search for the source of the smell — will be continued. But time goes, and the problem still does not solved. We asked our followers on Instagram to tell me which areas and which streets they feel the stench. All the addresses we mapped.

the Scale is impressive. Observations: the inhabitants of the right Bank (especially downtown) complain about the smell emerging out of nowhere more often than residents of the left Bank. Complaints from residents of the SWC, the Pershamaiski district and Zatulinki to the editor have been received (but if you live in these areas and also suffer from bad breath, then email Direct to our instagram: @ngs_news, here is the link directly to it).