Strangely, After 22 years in Florida, and the remains of a man of forty, who, in 1997, without a trace, disappeared. That the report of the sheriff of Palm Beach has to offer. As a former resident of the town of Wellington is a zoomed in via Google Earth to include the old neighborhood, and looked for a spot out in the lake, that sounds a lot like a car appeared, and informed the police. That is part of the lake is actually in a sunken car containing the remains of the missing man.

After 22 years of age and have the friends and family of the year William Moldt finally have clarity as to his fate. The man disappeared in november of 1997, at the end of a visit to a night club. Before leaving the club at around midnight, he and his girlfriend have called it that, he was on his way. Moldt, however, was never at home. Witnesses say that he was not under the influence seemed to be as he left it.

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Last month, watching an old resident of Wellington, Florida, are the ancient village of the Grand Isles, even using Google Earth. When he got to the lake, inzoomde, and saw that he had a car like this before. He got in touch with a friend who is still in the area lived in and the one with the drone and could look at whether there really is a car in the lake, sank to lag. The pictures turned out really to be a vehicle, and the men of the police force inschakelden.

Human remains

as The authorities hauled the white, heavily-damaged car from the lake, from which the human remains found there. It was found, soon, that, the, to, the, in 1997, missing, removable, William Moldt go. His family has been notified.

At the time of the loss or theft of the Moldt was in the area was still under construction, but the lake was already there. “I’ve never seen on the coast,” says the man who’s car was in the local news media. “I never expected that, under the surface of the water, a 22-year-old body would be…”

It is a conscious image of the car to see it, it would have been in business since 2007 online.