As for The police, Wednesday morning, a 29-year-old man in shackles being beaten, after a severe fire at an apartment in the Hofstraat in an Hour in As. While the fire department was on its way to the fire, it turned out to be in the street, suddenly two cars to be on fire. The four people in the apartment were overcome by the smoke, and had to take the precaution of going to the hospital.

in About four hours, the local police have already been called up as a tightly wound argument in that apartment. Check your email at that time of eight persons with a Bulgarian citizenship. After a bit of mediation seemed to offer the peace and quiet in the house again. But, about half-past four, if the emergency services are, therefore, already go out. This time, it turned out, the building is in fair-to-face.

fire station As was, the flames soon under control, but the damage done to the apartment, it is really great. Provisionally, it was rendered uninhabitable as stated. The duplex apartment is located just above it ran great rookschade in the house on the ground floor and appeared to have severe water damage to the bluswerkzaamheden. The public prosecutor’s office of the province of Limburg, sent Wednesday morning, and immediately in the lab of the federal police on the spot. A branddeskundige came up with a branddetectiehond to the crime scene. While brandweerploegen in the apartment with the fire was, had to be co-workers with two cars in the street to extinguish the fire. One of the Ford was completely burned out, and the arson of a Mercedes benz car was found to fail to be. There was only a flame jet emanating from the fuel tank to come in.

The four injured and Bulgarian victims if, in the course of the location of the hospital, all of them left. In the course of the morning, the police also have a 29-year-old Bulgarian man arrested in the nearby Eikelplein. He was one of the co-tenants of the affected apartment. The man accused of the arson of the house and on the cars of his tenants were there. Because he’s just like all the other residents not understanding the the police to some interpretation on the answer.