In his welcome as a new member, he criticized the prompt, the refugee policy of the Federal government. “The migration situation we have not, in my view, in the handle,” he said in Cologne, Germany in front of around 150 members of the Union.

What is the value of the Union is and what it stands for? First, it is important to know that the grouping is related to the CDU – and CSU-members, but is not an officially recognized Association of these parties. Was founded in the grouping of 2017 in the state of Baden-Württemberg. On Twitter she calls herself “the conservative wing of the CDU/CSU”, according to its own figures, it has almost 2000 members.

the core issue is the migration policy, and criticism of Merkel

the items For which the value of the Union, you can read in the “Conservative Manifesto”, has been uploaded to grouping on your website. There one learns, for example, that the members of the “father, mother, child” as a guiding principle of family policy, against an EU accession of Turkey, and for a “restrictive migration policy”. The topic of migrants in the grouping of drives. The claims are broadly in line with those of the conservative CDU, and many of the CSU politician: deport more Restrictive immigration chokes and more control, transit zones set up.

striking a penchant for polemics. It is said on the pages of the Union to call in the immigration policy of a “return to observance of the law” at European and national level. This means in reverse conclusion that, so far, against the law has been infringed. On Twitter, members of the Union provide often word-battles with the officially recognized grouping “Union of the center”.

another trademark of the value of the Union: the vehement criticism of the refugee policy of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in Particular, and the Chancellor, whose course appears to them to be a little conservative, in General. To understand as Merkel admitted that she can’t imagine a Minister for Friedrich Merz, the imputed value of Union-Chairman of the fellow-you via Twitter, “personal motives”. Merkel’s Actions show “that the concern of the CDU members are continue to entirely no matter”. FOCUS Online Hans-Georg Maaßen, the value of the Union. It is his first major public appearance since his dismissal.

New to CDU, the Chairman of AKK is well to

The “workshop discussion” migration policy of the CDU, the grouping welcomed. Chairman of the fellow-but claimed on Twitter that the meeting management had not approved “some of the ‘taboo topics'”. In an Interview with FOCUS Online Mitsch reiterated his allegation, although participants in the workshop call, deny this: he was wearing “” that a working group has been tried, “to keep the topics of the value of Union under the ceiling”.

With the new CDU-Chairman, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, life can be the value of the Union. The value of conservative positions from AKK to come in the grouping. But you can’t help but threatening tones. For example, when the topic of immigration law. The sisters can always look to him, the current coalition plans for experts-immigration, are not restrictive enough. The draft was “far more a deportation prevention act,” scoffed the sisters in December on Twitter. The design was not “acceptable”.

you can only read as a threat that the Union would prevent a vote Yes for the Union group – sure to be an overestimation. But unrest in the squad by fellow – mastered almost perfectly.

FOCUS Online/Wochit change of course in social policy – however, the SPD remains in the survey low NPP/with Material of the dpa