Snooker, Luca Brecel (CO-28), and has been in the Chinese arts and crafts fair failed to qualify for the sixteenth-finals of the World is an Open place. Plagued by a schouderblesure saw the 24-year-old Person out in the first round with a 5-2 Michael Holt (CO-44), which he did in three previous matches, however, each of the reports.

thanks to an 89 break to know Brecel, however, even with a 2-0 deficit from it, then he is no longer in the piece. He is also a storm with a break of 94, 52, 68, and 124 for the win.

It runs this season has not been plain sailing for Brecel. In the Riga Masters and the English Open, he went in the first round of the International Championship in the second half. In the China Championship, a tournament that he has it in 2017, won, kicked his way to the third round (1/16 finals).

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the world Champion and world number one Judd Trump set a day for the sixteenth-finals, has already been done with the chop on the water. He beat Sam Craigie by 5 to 4. After a break of 56, 113, 144, the highest of the tournament, there seemed to be no problem for The Ace in the Pack”. With breaks of 104 and 5§ § in the trailing Craigie, however, is still a decisive frame for the fire.