The French president is a dismal picture of the state of Europe and NATO affairs. In an interview with the British magazine The Economist for Emmanuel Macron, the NATO, even of “brain death” is declared. And it is for the better. “The old world is on the brink of the precipice”, as he warns.

The-French-leader-wants the Europeans to wake up and be afraid of the apocalyptic terms is not. So is the Macron, not to mention how it is today, with the North Atlantic treaty organisation (nato) is provided. NATO may of this year, seventy years out, but, according to the politician, there is little to no reason to party.

Europe is going to disappear if it’s not going to be thought of as a world power.

Emmanuel Macron

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“What we are now experiencing, is that NATO is brain-dead,” he says outright. The president of france, at hetinterviewonder to the conduct of the United States of america, which is under the president, Donald Trump, and a more retracted position compared to the other member countries of NATO. “There has been no co-ordination of the strategic decisions made by the US and the NATO partners,” he tells us all about it.

“we are also seeing an uncontrolled aggressions of other NATO partner, Turkey, is an area where our interests are at stake”, so what it sounds like. “This is a major problem for the alliance.”
– Article 5

Macron suggests it also called into question by article 5 of the NATO treaty, which stipulates that the member states, of military solidarity to be shown when another NATO country is attacked. “If the regime of Bashar al-Assad, decided to make an attack on Turkey to take action, we are going to over commit?”

As Europe in the military field, zelfbedruipend to be in her own little man to stand. And so it is not as hard to rely on in the United States, to our security, as operating today, and more and more of their own race.