Of Leuven, In Leuven, there is a fuss about the activity of the student Eoos. The students have organized a ” politically incorrect fakavond, but it wasn’t for everyone else in the movie. The catholic university of Leuven, and even started a study with the commonly used racial and homophobic slogans.

The university student Eoos, is in the eye of the storm. Eoos represents the students ‘Language and Regiostudies at the catholic university of Leuven and will receive strong criticism, after the organization of the” politically incorrect fakavond last Wednesday of the month. The students at Eoos used some of the slogans that not everyone in the movie died. It was a Undivided, in a diversiteitsplatform for the students and staff of the university, and who is the cat and the bell aanbond on social media. According to the Undivided went to the students will be heavily over written by a racist or homophobic slogans, and texts, to use the politically incorrect fakavond. “We were shocked”, what it sounds like.