The city of Lokeren, in A doelpuntje. More Sporting Lokeren, according to coach Glen De Boeck will not be necessary to make it tonight I left you to it. However, the leader Team at the visit, at the Daknam. “There has been no change in what we are doing.”

Do or die this evening, however, In The Book? The T1, from the Scenery and laugh and relax. “Above all do . We have to have victory, we have to do it. It was last weekend, so yes, we are together, pick it up, although I keep that in the circumstances, the result is determined. What I mean by this? That unrealistic goal, just before half-time. If you do not, there is nothing to worry about. We were very good in the organization. But even with the loss of a Davino (Verhulst, ed.). it has its role to play. Even the captain was unconscious, had put his tongue to swallow. Even when the players are in Virton, there was a state of panic. Everyone was emotional, some people are going to be there all the easier to take than the other. Of course, we had a bit of a focus anymore. It should not be used as an excuse for the 4-0, but we’re only human beings. All of that changed.”

By itself has no effect on what we are doing. Should we have the opportunity to finish it.

In The Book

Why is it tonight all the way the first one? The Book knows the answer. “We’ll have to just goaltje to make. Then, everything changed,” he continues. “We need to be playing at home against Lommel, belgium, and OH Leuven is only shared for the first score. We did that against them, we were talking now, something completely different. But it is moments like these that you have, but you don’t have more catching up to do. However, nothing has changed in what we are doing. Should we have the opportunity to finish it. I like the fact that Virton was less clear, however, in the other match, we had a time of excellent opportunities. Even in the Union, we gathered with three-hundred-percent chances. We then have the neck to omwrongen.”

it’s tomorrow (tonight ed.). it is so different. “There is more to the experience, confidence, and teachers are talking about growth, too,” says The Book.“Said, gets fit, and it is in the selection, as well Beridze is a week older now, and it will be taken into consideration. Also, Hajric, we may be able to use. I expect there’s a lot of Football, yes. But, I do it all the time.”