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“We’re all living in a Leo’s paradise, Leo’s paradise.” Of the more than 200 guests of honour at the celebration on tour: Leopold Lippens, sang an improvised version of “Yellow submarine” by The Beatles is one of the lievelingsnummers of the count – aloud with them. Marc Coucke, Bart Verhaeghe, jean-louis beffa, havenbaas), Joachim Coens, Jean-Marie Dedecker, Pieter De Crem, … piece by piece they removed, along with the rest of the room is the best of their singing skills at the top. It just goes to show how great is the respect for the career and the man, Leopold Lippens, at all levels. Ereschepen, Danny Lannoy disclosed, it may still have the best Lips to describe? It’s impossible. He’s not in any box, and the like. Impulsive, witty, straight-on, sharp-witted, at times a rebel, but one thing has remained constant: you will always be up to he point, he threw Lannoy, with the flowers.