Mohamed Ridouani has decided not to apply for the post of president of the sp.a. That’s what he says on There. Ridouani wants to Leuven mayor to continue. “It’s an honor to have so many people told me to do so, but the presidency is implied in our party, I am in Leuven, it would have to give up,” said Ridouani. Also, the sp.a Member of parliament, Yasmine Kherbache is not the applicant party.

the Sp.a calls soon just like a number of other parties, voorzittersverkiezingen. The central question is: who is the Flemish socialists who will lead after the elections. on the 26th of may. Meryame Kitir sp.a leader in the Room, it was reported yesterday that she was not a candidate, would be set up. And now, also in Leuven’s mayor, Mohamed Ridouani to know that he’s not a throw, it will do so to the chair.

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Ridouani want to have the trust and confidence of the people from louvain take him just to be their mayor, to have been no damage. “I’ve been to, the people who voted for me, as a progressive project that promised you that I will fulfill, so that in Leuven, a frontrunner remains to be of co-operation, hope, and progress,” he said. “What’s more, it’s time as mayor, the job of my dreams. In politics, few mandates that you are so connected to the people directly and as many as you can do.”

“I will be coming from Louvain, however, also a wider field for Flanders, where everybody has a chance to get ahead, to succeed, and where there is no place for polarisation. In these turbulent times of uncertainty, there is a need for leaders who connect instead of divide. We will have the danger of the extreme right-wing, and the versmachtende control of the global neo-liberalism have to tackle it with a renewed faith in the progression. The party may, in addition to my sincere to cooperate, count,” said Ridouani.

this Afternoon, but also a Workshop in Spanish.a Member of parliament, Yasmine Kherbache will know not to apply.

Hanne and The Male is provisionally only one candidate is

The 33-year-old And The Male is at the moment, the only official candidate for president of the Flemish socialists. Those who are unfamiliar with The combination of working behind-the-scenes during the sp.a) the government, Johan Vande Lanotte, and the partijhoofdkwartier, where he was responsible for the campaign, behind-the-voorzittersverkiezingen that, Crombez, in 2015, the seat got.

the Other figures were not yet in their cards to look at.It would mean a lot to pulled on the sleeve of a Flemish deputy Conner Sometimes. “I have not decided anything yet”, says the man in his twenties.

The official process for the voorzittersverkiezingen was only yesterday it started. Interested parties have until 4 October to make an application to the minister.