iHLN Uber is expected for this year, but a smaller loss than the company behind the taxi-application for the account with him. The Us company had in the third quarter, with more and more users, and put more foot down. That resulted in even more sales.

Uber ceo Dara Khosrowshahi expects revenue growth in the fourth quarter and is accelerating. During that period, he in addition to that, the Uber is better able to keep costs to a minimum. Therefore, the reduced Uber is the expectation of the operating jaarverlies to be between 2.8 and 2.9 billion dollars. And that was before $ 250 million and more.

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The number of monthly active users went up during the past year, with more than a quarter, up to eur 103 million, and the number of trips has increased by nearly a third to € 1.8 billion. This resulted in a revenue of 3.8 billion, compared to $ 2.9 billion a year earlier. The operating loss (ebitda) increased by more than a quarter of 585 million us dollars.

The increase in the income of the maaltijdbezorgdienst Uber Eats, from 73 per cent year on year, was lower than expected. Analysts view this as evidence that increased competition from companies such as Takeaway.com, Delivery Hero and Just-Eat, a restraint on the growth of Uber. Khosrowshahi, however, sees progress in his or her company. He said the goal is to explain that Uber is in 2021, with an operational profit in the books of.