Less is more: everything you need to know about breast reduction and its consequences, told plastic surgeon

after Hearing about plastic surgery, most imagine the increase and the placement of implants. And much less often comes to mind is reducing. It would seem so lucky: big Boobs from nature, the attention of men, what else do you need? But this reasoning may be the only one who has never had outstanding, very outstanding forms. And serious associated problems.

Why women choose reduction surgery and breast lift how to change their life, you need to know about this plastic and its consequences (and they are!) — about this and not only told an experienced plastic surgeon “Clinic Pasman” Irina shmarina.

This is necessary?

— Irina, what makes women do reduction mammoplasty (breast reduction)?

— it is Important to understand that breast reduction is done not only for aesthetic but also for medical reasons. Patient with very large Breasts and has a very big problem: because of the load on the thoracic and cervical parts of the spine back pain, neck pain, impaired posture, a woman can’t lead an active lifestyle, play sports: it is difficult for her to climb mountains, go Jogging. Many disturbed sleep (due to the awkward position) and develop headaches. Large breast because of their severity, as a rule, has a hanging form, which in the inframammary fold are very often the maceration (diaper rash), lesions of the skin, odor, etc. I’m not talking about difficulties with the selection of underwear and discomfort of another kind. If all of that together, it is clear that patients with large Breasts (I’m not talking about the fourth dimension, and fifth, sixth, seventh) is quite obsessed.

Add to this aesthetic problem: sagging Breasts, severe asymmetry and other — all this together leads women to the surgeon. And when they have decided and after the 7th of the size get third, of course, their way Wlife changes dramatically for the better.

Beauty without the breast implants

— it is Possible to help the woman, if the Breasts droop, but she would like to save size by eliminating only the ptosis? Or in such cases, only the implant?

— If you have your glandular tissue, why should it be removed to put an implant? From this glandular tissue to make perfect breast without foreign body, and it will be aesthetic and will not SAG. Reduction mammoplasty is always combined with mastopexia — tightening.

— A large chest can be done aesthetically, not hanging, no size reduction without the use of implants?

— If big breast hanging, and the patient does not want to reduce it, and wants your, say, 4th or more to write — there are methods of breast lift without a reduction. But the effect of the operation will be short-lived. Because under his weight mammary gland is still gradually droop.

— How you can minimize the breast without harm for health, aesthetics?

— There are different methods. Depending on the goals that we pursue. Removed as much tissue to avoid damage to the nipple-areola complex not to disturb the nutrition of the tissue. Usually it’s a third the size. Radically the entire fabric reduce is impossible, because there is the supply legs, which later formed the new breast is formed and its form.

Reduction mammoplasty is a serious operation

After such operations, the functions of breast are preserved, breast feed?

After breast surgery is the risk that the breast may be devoid of this opportunity, is. After any breast surgery is a possibility, but reductive mammoplasty this risk is higher. But it is also necessary to understand that the milk of women may not be for othersreasons.

— In the consultations you tell this to patients?

— of Course, necessary that the expectations of the patient was adequate, had no illusions and disappointments.

Besides, I always say that breast reduction is a very complex surgery. When such operations are very high risk of postoperative complications. Up to 20-30% risk of marginal necrosis — this patient are informed and sign written consent. After the surgery should be quite difficult rehabilitation, and three to four months we are over the patients dynamic monitoring, which further continues up to one year.

Given that the operation takes from four to 7-8 hours (depending on size of breast), and all the while the person is under anesthesia, it should be treated seriously, this places a responsibility on the surgeon and the anesthesiologist, and the patient. All of this must know, it is necessary to consider and seriously to choose the doctor and the clinic because the clinic and the surgeon is then responsible for the patient and any consequences thereof.

— But patients know what is coming?

Not always. Many simplistic notion that this is some usual manipulation: came cut — it’s nothing! Why be screened? Why so many tests? Why set the duplex of lower extremities vessels? In our clinic, if you have a big operation, we also computed tomography of the brain do to eliminate all of the complications that may follow because of the duration of anesthesia in the postoperative period. Explain that everything is done for the safety of the patients. To exclude absolutely all of the complications that can arise from concomitant diseases, which neither the patient sometimes doesn’t know the surgeon, of course.

— You said it was a serious operation…

— you Know, I have no minor operations I for each operation are very serYESNO.

— That in the power of the patient, as it can affect the outcome of the operation, the recovery that was required of him?

— Strictly implement the recommendations. To report regularly for the dressings to seem is basically what will guarantee success.

Rigorous training

— you Know that you are very strict doctor and very serious about preparation for operations. Which patients with which problems do not take the surgery?

— first, In reduction mammoplasty is not taken Smoking patient, a woman should quit Smoking for a period of not less than three to six months. Because this bad habit leads to disruption of the microcirculation, and reduction mammoplasty is associated with the risk of microcirculatory disorders, and associated diseases, and factors such as Smoking, can lead to complications.

Then we will check to normal hemostasis, look comorbidities, assessed the risks of surgery, anesthesia, and postoperative healing. Because surgery is one thing, but to rehabilitate the patient after surgery is another. In the postoperative period is that apart seams and other incidental moments.

Also, I do not take the operation patients are overweight. If a woman with large mammary gland weight, then the first step is weight loss. Because to take on the operating table the patient with more weight is a very big risk of pulmonary embolism. So first together with gastroenterologists, nutritionists need to lose weight, then clip it, and then have to go into surgery.

— After the surgery you are patients and see how they change, how to change their life they share with you the changes?

— of Course, we, surgeons, are worried about what happens to them. Patient say that to live with small Breasts are much easier, they after the surgery, begin to lead an active lifestyle, someone’s a runner, someone who goes to the mountains, begin to do what previously was denied, and life in General is changing dramatically at all — it is happy!

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