On this trip, After some of the ‘cyberbullies’ haatreacties had posted a picture of a sixteen-year-old Kiyan is The Let off, Hingene (Bornem), June’s older sister, Lenka (18), her emotions are down on twitter. “My broerwordt have been around for a long, long time, harassing you, and moesthiervoor several times to be included in an adolescent,” she says.“All these disgusting comments make me angry. The post I wanted to show how social media is today, it will be abused by cyberbullies.”

And if her approach is working. It is a message to Twitter en masse and shared with the Instagram account, Kiyan has exploded. Kiyan was all of a sudden, dozens of the followers, and the photo on the Instagram was flooded with thousands of likes. Denegatieve responses were replaced by hearts, and a number of positive messages.“This is the result, I did not expect, and Kiyan don’t smile Lenka. “But it does, in any case, a strong heart, too.”

Kiyan is still guided by the jeugdpsychiaters. It is the result of years of bullying. “From the very first, secondary and viseerden some of the bullies is my brother,” explains Lenka from it. “He’s got a dreigbriefjes, and sometimes, sometimes, beaten up. He changed schools but the harassment did not end.” This past Thursday, you know, the sixteen-year-old with a picture of himself on his Instagram account, and almost immediately after that started out the online bullies to the haatreacties.