Multimedia, in The darkest days of the year are coming up, and it’s time to make your home more secure against burglars. Of course, you can have a fully integrated alarm system would be installed, but for those who do not (yet) have the budget for it, you can do metdeze ‘smart’ solutions. Nest, Cam, Outdoor, (€ 395 for 2)

The popular Google-Nest Cam, which was introduced last year, is also a buitenvariant: deNest, Cam, Outdoor, available in a duopack where you have no more than 400 euros to pay. For that kind of money, you get 2 cameras that will alert you on the undesirable personen.De the cameras record images with a full hd resolution (1.920 to 1.080 pixels) at 30 frames-per-second. They can be useful to detect: you’ll get a notification (if you want), and when people nearby are talking, or when there are dogs barking. That is already more advanced clip to hear for a monthly subscription of 5 euros.Click here to view a Nest Cam at the Outdoor.

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