The Myriad of prying eyes stood up sat morning to queue at the door of the new Jumbo. Among them were those who were convinced that the shop at eight o’clock, it would open up. Finally did the Dutch retail chain for the water in the wine, and she opened her deureneerder all your hard work.

There was a countdown to the store opening. “There seems to be some confusion about the openingsuur” a voice said from the Jumbo. “That is why we will give you a quarter of an hour earlier on. In the first one hundred customers received a bunch of yellow flowers. Already 10 after 9 and saw that the customers with the flowers on their heads pass by.

you can also check out The schedule on the Jumbo’s CEO: “We would like to wish all our customers, fans”

The confusion with the openingsuur is probably due to the fact that the shop is on a weekday, however, already at 8 o’clock in the morning of the opening. However, often those not. “I was only at about a quarter to 9 and, still, I was at ease with the sale. I even have a bouquet of flowers are able to grab!”, it says that She Vangerven. “It’s very, very, very busy, I am going to certainly come back once it calms down. I have, at last, but from Lindel to come.”