The student model of the Macronie continues its climb. So far secretary of State to the cohesion of the territories, where he officiated in the shadow of the radical Jacques Mézard, Julien Denormandie, 38 years old, was appointed minister to the minister of territorial cohesion and relations with the local communities, Jacqueline Gourault, in charge of the city and housing. A portfolio that comes as a reward for loyalty and a commitment never to be refuted with Emmanuel Macron.

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Very close to the head of the State, that he has an intimate knowledge in the private sector, the senior civil servant has spent his entire career in the administration. A graduate of the national School of waters and forests, the engineer works at the Treasury when he is spotted in 2012 by Rémy Rioux, the director of the cabinet of Pierre Moscovici in paris-Bercy, who is seeking a consultant for the foreign trade. Good connoisseur of the Africa – he spent two years at the embassy of France in Cairo and did his internship in Niamey, the thirty-year-old easily gets the job.

“blank Sheet”

From the Elysée, where he was advisor to François Hollande on economic affairs, Emmanuel Macron mark fast, the young man, two years her junior. The two share a desire to “stir the mud” and have the same mistrust vis-à-vis the politicians. “I’ve seen a lot of ministers who were not working,” said Julien Denormandie. In the summer of 2014, he even considered joining the private with the future head of State, who went on to create their own start-up distance education.

Finally caught up by François Hollande, who appointed him minister of the economy, Emmanuel Macron embeds naturally in Bercy his counselor, which makes it very quickly essential. “It is a contractor of the public, you give him a blank sheet of paper, he’s doing “, explained Rémy Rioux, today boss of the French development Agency, shortly after the entry of Mr. Denormandie to the government.

above all, the young high-ranking official earns the trust of the future head of State. Like him, and although the father of four children – the last born during the campaign, he swallows the records at the mile, has dinner every night at the office, does not sleep ” there are never more than five hours in a row “. “It looks like him so much that it is hard to distinguish,” says an ex-member of the cabinet of Bercy.

a Sign of this trust, in the spring of 2016, Julien Denormandie is the first sent by Emmanuel Macron to structure In the works!!!, the party he had just created, to the side of Ishmael, Emelien, another close advisor. “Julien has held the movement at arm’s length, congratulations to a former executive. After the victory in the presidential election, it is also the only one who remained to prepare for the legislative elections, while all the others fought for a position at the Elysée palace. “

During his visit to the hotel de Castries, the thirty-year-old has left a mixed impression, forming a tandem contrasted with Jacques Mézard, that everything opposes. A 70-year-old, is broken to the policy, to be close to elected officials especially in rural areas, while Julien Denormandie appears technocrat, far away from the ground, almost arrogant, and unfamiliar with the area except on matters digital.

Man files, it is nonetheless immersed in the arcana of the housing and has acquired a real mastery of the folders, and even seems to love the material. He is listening to and as a catholic shows a certain sensitivity on the issues of poverty and especially the issue of homelessness.

however, the result of eighteen months of the exercise of power is for the time being disappointing. The famous “supply shock” construction is supposed to decrease the price of housing is expected : the number of building permits is down by 5 % at the end of August on a year, as the production of social housing. Yet, the needs are acute, with nearly 2 million applicants for social HOUSING, a figure that is up 10 % year on year. The budget cuts imposed on the HLM organizations to scramble as the sector is in full restructuring. So far, Julien Denormandie repeat happy that his time in politics is temporary, and still planning to join the private sector or even starting a business : “I have two legs, one public, the other private. I want to continue to walk. “