The president of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and British prime minister Boris Johnson is to have, this afternoon, samengezeten in an irish restaurant for our first meeting since the end of July and moved into the building took place in Downing Street. That conversation, however, but little was delivered. Johnson is still not a feasible alternative for the Irish backstop on the table, and let the European Commission know, in a brief press statement.

Juncker, and Johnson talked to each other earlier over the phone, but saw each other until today, for the first time since Johnson was at the helm of the Conservative party and the British government. Also, the European brexitonderhandelaar Michel Barnier shoved on the table.

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For more than six weeks prior to the scheduled brexitdatum on October 31, is the co-operation between the United Kingdom and the European Union is still blocked. Johnson, if the EU is to say that with an agreement, but it will be removed from the Irish backstop.

Who is the Irish backstop – as a stop-gap which has a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, are to be avoided in the United Kingdom in a temporary customs union with the EU, is the biggest obstacle. The British prime minister, Johnson would get rid of it, but the European Union is demanding an alternative that is just as it is the backstop to the Proper Vrijdagakkoord is committed to the European internal market for safeguards.

That is a workaround, it is still being negotiated by his predecessor, Theresa May, is, according to Johnson’s approach is anti-democratic because they are in the United Kingdom has established a customs union with the EU, until there is an alternative that has been found. As long as you can in London have no private trade agreements, concluded with non-member countries.