John Orderrrr’ Bercow explains his role as the chairman of the house of Commons, today finally put down. In september, he took his departure in an emotional way as well-known. The Conservative Bercow has served for ten years as ‘Mr Speaker’, which he called “the greatest glory in life” to it.

The 56-year-old Bercow, is best known for the way in which he and the members of the order of the veil. Sometimes its pronounced “orderrrrrr” found on the internet, and even mixed videos, and behind it is a fast paced beat.

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from the chaos of the political struggle, on the termination of membership of the EU, he is far beyond the boundaries of a reputation now. The intense debate over brexit in the divided house of Commons, he was trying to cast a spell with a loud exhortations: “Order, order!”. With the announcement of his departure last month, applaudisseerden of the members of parliament, particularly the opposition, be thankful.

Fierce opponent of the brexit

Bercow is a fierce opponent of the brexit. He was in the house of Commons to be controversial, due to his efforts, the brexit supporters, including the prime minister’s Johnson, and his predecessor, May seem to be concerned. Some of them beraamden already made plans to have him as a president, to be replaced.

as The successor to Bercow will take place on Monday, chosen, reported Sky News. The 62-year-old Lindsay Hoyle, Labour is enjoying great success.