showbiz VTM will need to find a new woman. Jill Smith (44) after 19 years on the torch, and its weather is full of the low – and high-pressure areas on. With the sun shining and the weather takes another turn in her life. Know, they do not have any.

“When I was in the year 2000, at the VTM, as weervouw first started, I was very excited and it was a huge dream come true,” says Jill. “I just try to do my job and still be happy, but it’s always in the rat race of the media. If I didn’t have time for other opportunities, questions, and interests, that is, over the past few years, on several occasions in my life came up. I feel as though I am now at a point in my life have come, when I look at a list of them. No specific reason, I propose myself the question that is on everyone whether it is: ‘I Keep on doing this to my 65th birthday?’ That’s just aging, right? (laughs) It’s not long I’ll turn my back and didn’t return to my current job. But I want to be everything to sink in and for me to be open to a new story. And for that, I should be able to, I will of course have to out of that rat race steps up.”