The TV came this week when a bolt from the blue: Jill Smith (44) and to stop its weerpraatje on tv. As the longest-reigning woman of the commercial station for twenty years, please go to other places to look. What it does not know yet. Seems like probably something with the environment. But nothing is for sure. “Maybe I will be a beekeeper. Or, I go for the pastries to bake. Anything is possible.”

on Thursday, Heist-op-den-Berg. In the bookstore, ‘The Preface,’ is to browse to Pick the new, Ish Ait Hamou. In fact, we agreed on a tea, the one next door. But she has a soft spot for books as well. “Now I have put every time,” she says. “Take a look at the books. Isn’t that great? Here you go by: I can’t do it.”

this is the day in which they will announce that they will stop. A couple of hours to tell the world that Jill is at the end of december, on tv in her last weerpraatje to do. There will be a lot of people are scared, ” she said. So, first of all her colleagues. “It would be weird to have it after all these weeks, out loud, to say it,” said Jill. Today, they are already in practice. Here-and-now, in addition to the bookstore, then, to have a cup of coffee.

When you have made that decision?

“I’m at the beginning of this year, out of the blue, the United Nations asked to be included in the weerdepartement Head of Communication & Outreach-to-be. Make sure that function will be performed by Michael Williams. Michael and I had been a good touch. I knew that retirement was coming and we spoke to each other again, over who his successor could be. One day, at the headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva, said Michael, ” You’re really not, isn’t it? I would like to be in it. I want to jóu perspective.'”

“I got that first weggelachen. “You, onnozelaar.’ But when we got back home, I started thinking about it. How cool would it be, or so I thought. Weather, climate, and communication, combined at the highest level. In The Geneva Convention. Really cool city. That got me to thinking. I wanted to have my dream job as a woman of god. I did end up participating in the process. First round, second round, final round. I have had good references, and a cv good enough to eat. But, in the last stage, and I pulled back. I’m not in excellent shape. I’ve got a rugverleden. Thirteen of the bolts sticking in them. I am now living without any pain, but that’s because I take care of myself. When the UN went in, the workload is very high and I did. I went to that balance, however, able to keep up? If you’re in the Belgian league, just you, and you’re not in top shape, how are you going to be the Champions League to play in?”

“I said, “no”, but it could have been a bit set in motion in my head. After that, I continue to think of it. I started to feel that there are a lot of things that I really want to do it. And it surpassed want to do right now. Just in the rat race of day to day weerpraatjes I just can’t do that. Hence, the decision was made.”