Japan is considering the radioactive water from the 2011 disaster-hit nuclear power plant in Fukushima, to let them run off into the pacific Ocean. According to the company, Tepco, the operator of the plant, it is the care that is now being used for contaminated water, store it in 2022, it is full, and there must be some other solution had to be found.

The water is drawn out of the cooling system of the central unit, which in 2011 was affected by the so-called meltdown after an earthquake. Millions and millions of gallons of contaminated water now stored in about a thousand tanks.

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The Japanese minister of the Environment, Yoshiaki Harada came out of today with the earlier suggestions of the idea to the front to allow the water to run, and, thus, have to to dilute it. “It’s the only way,” said the minister.To see how much water it is what is not bekend.De the Japanese government has still not made a final decision on the matter is taken.

local fishermen, who for the past eight years, invested in the restructuring of the industry, respond to, worry. The Japan Times reports that the fishermen in stralingscontroles before they take their catches to fish markets, reduce costs. However, the fear is big, that’s the news for the fishing industry in Fukushima will continue to be paralyzing. Also, it is nearby to the South Korea, are concerned about the impact it has had on the industry.

the Radioactive water

It’s not the first time that Tepco’s radioactive water into the sea, discharges. The company has dumped it in april of 2011, approximately 11.500 tons of radioactive water into the pacific Ocean. According to Tepco, it went to the “relatively low-level radioactive water.” “We don’t have any other choice than the use of contaminated water, for safety reasons, to throw,” said government spokesman Yukio Edano as. The use of contaminated water were dumped into the sea to make room for the heavier polluted water, which is located in the turbineruimtes of the nuclear power plant had to grow.

Tepco stressed that, at the time, that is, the water treatment, in which radioactive material is removed, it could be. The radioactive isotope tritium, which you will be able to be taken out, but according to Tepco, there was no reason to panic. The health of small amounts is only a limited risk to health, as was the opinion of the company’s business.


about 160,000 people in the surrounding area of the nuclear power plant lived, they had eight years ago, forced to move out. It is still a large part of the area around the nuclear power plant are off-limits due to radiation hazard. As a part of Okuma, a town located about ten kilometers away from the Fukushima nuclear plant is located, has been cleaned up. The measurement of radiation in the city was at an acceptable level, and then to the authorities in april, and decided that, for the first time in forty years, from Okuma to make their homes be allowed to return.