The TV They have in the second-to-last episode, but tonight is Jacques Vermeire (68) in the first row to cheer for daughter Julie while in the semi-finals of “Dancing with the stars”. “I’m very, very impressed with what my daughter is doing”, what it sounds like.

‘ It is, perhaps, the first time that I’m here, but I watch every week faithfully, to ‘go out Dancing’ for my daughter to work,” says Jacques. “And I have to admit: I am very impressed by the dansprestaties of my daughter. She is doing really great. I do know, however, from the old days and even like dancing, but what she’s doing here… no, No, that’s just a different kind. In the past people told me that Julie is the daughter of ” it is, but I am now ‘dad’. Yes, it’s true”, says Jacques. “Tonight is extra special because I got to be one of the numbers to be able to choose in which Julie goes to the dance. I have a tofs of Her, Said that I know that my daughter will also be happy to hear.”

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