The trains have a smooth run to put spoorinfrastructuurbeheerder its mission at this time of the year, twice a day, on specific routes, the so-called ‘Sandite train’ in it. That is to ensure that the trains are no longer in it’s slip to go on the trails, which are dotted with fallen leaves. Especially when the rain creates a slippery layer, so that the vehicle wheels detect slippage. Its mission also includes noodlocomotief at hand, and raises awareness among its drivers of the specific issues of driving and a train ride in the fall.

Each year in the fall, is for the railways to be hampered by the dead leaves of the trees onto the track and crushed it. In wet weather, reduced leaves to a pulp, so that the trains of their grip on the track to lose. In the context of the herfstplan’ achieves its mission, therefore, are a ‘Sandite train’ from the house. That is a train spraying a mixture of a gel and, as the sand and the stainless steel grain on the tracks. Thus, sliding the trains are no more, and they can normally run.

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The Sandite train service that operates twice a day on a specific route between Athus, in the southern part of our country, on the border with France, and Louvain, and another route is from Halle, germany to drive to Delta in Oudergem and in between braine-l’alleud, and in Denderleeuw, and braine-l’alleud, and Mons. “We have to put that rail, particularly in areas with steep slopes and in the wooded area,” says Thomas Baeken, a spokesman of its mission. “However, there is a herfsttrein, which is a kind of indication that run on the tracks, causing the smooth film on the tracks, it is scraped off some.”

Infrabel also has a noodlocomotief behind-the-hand-that is a doorslippende, long or short, can get out of his precarious position. “And again, we brief the drivers that they have at this time of the year to account for a greater braking distance when the drift would have a go. The speed needs to be adjusted.”