International football Itself, he wants to be the incident, sitting in front of it, but a silly decision by an Italian tv in the figure, the racismerel around Romelu Lukaku to return stolen goods. Luciano Passirani, wanted to live in australia with the Red Devil and applauded, but he was prompt with an ill-advised decision. “The only way to get him to stop, he has ten bananas to give you.”

as Long as racism exists, I’m going to take a stand. But I want to use the incident behind me.” That’s easier said than done, since one or two weeks after the anti-spreekkoren by the Cagliari fans, the topic is still a lot being discussed in the international media. Also, on a somewhat more modest Italian channel, Top Calcio 24 – by over 500,000 viewers on one of the main tv channels of the region of Lombardy, where Luciano Passirani live view gave. It started out with good intentions, the flower in the direction of ‘Big ‘ Games were as numerous.

“I can see it in the Italian league, players such as Lukaku. Not AC Milan, not Roma, not Rome. He is one of the best strikers, and at least twice as strong as the Side of the Eu. Some guys will always have that little bit extra. These are guests who have a lot of goals, but the team on the trip to take. Because if you’re in a straight fight contract with Lukaku, you’re dead, you’ll fall to the ground.” And then it took Passirani, suddenly, out of a wrong decision. “The only way to get him to be in charge of, he is ten bananas to give to him to eat of it.”