An 89-year-old survivor of the Holocaust, will receive police protection after hundreds of death threats received on social media. It reports to the BBC.

Liliana Segre, an Italian senator from the 89, this day and she is going to be accompanied by police officers. This is the result of a call to a whole ‘antihaatcommissie in the life of a call. It would be all forms of racism, anti-semitism and incitement to hatred and violence on the basis of ethnic, racial, and religious grounds, to fight against them.

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“I thought the fact that it is on the principle of a ‘antihaatcommissie would support it,” said Segre, who, at the age of thirteen, to the concentration camp at Auschwitz and was sent back. It was, however, outside of the right-wing parties, Lega and Fratelli d’italia are expected. It abstained in the vote last week. Segre said after the vote that the banking was so great that they feel “like an alien in the u.s. Senate” was. They could, however, not to prevent, the commission was set up.

the 200-per-day

from that vote, to receive Segre, up to 200 anti-semitic messages and death threats a day. Some of the messages are used by the police was so severe that it was decided to Segre protection. This means that they can wherever they can, in public, will be accompanied by two paramilitary policemen.

in the Meantime, the Italian public prosecutor’s office, an investigation into the haatboodschappen.