TV-withney houston (50) was this week invited to join the studio, What a day!!!’, the new VTM-talk show host, the Second is totally safe. She took a testaflevering that the viewers didn’t get to see. Anyway, the lead singer of his visit, perhaps a long time to remember, just as His rich told the story of how he, himself, is the plasticsoep into the sea and was able to aanschouwenin outside the country, it was a little vliegje in his throat.

Helmut made an attempt to act as if nothing was going on, but to no avail.“Can we have some water, please?”, shot His cottage pie to the rescue. “It’s just a good excuse to have champagne to drink, yes.” Helmut, however, was deadly serious: “It’s really like to be a beast at my throat, flew it, did you not see it?”