Royalty-free Is of prince Andrew (59) will be officially relegated to the middle name, in an attempt to keep the British monarchy to the rescue, after all the fuss that was created due to his alleged ties to Jeffrey Epstein? According to the American media, is the Queen going to her son, to be appointed by the governor of an overseas territory in the Atlantic Ocean, which lies about 1,000 km from the east coast of the usa is. The queen would want her son to be as far away as possible from the reach of the media is maintained.

“The resident relocation plans were thought up in order to Andrew from the united Kingdom to be just like uncle Edward, Elizabeth, at the time, the royal family was exiled to the Bahamas, after 30 years away had not taken the throne,” according to a regeringsbron. “Edward was appointed governor of the Bahamas after the American, Wallis Simpson trouwde.De the role of Andrew in It, it will be largely ceremonial, and less than significant. But the most important thing is that it is 3500 km away from of London.

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The regeringsbron claims that Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, the queen, having convinced Andrew to deal with having a friendship with the child sex abuse accused a billionaire widely spread in the media. It is said that prince Andrew is due to all of the posts in the picture have come out of the FBI, Scotland Yard and the intelligence services in France, making the British royal family is to him, as soon as possible, looking for a ‘good move’.

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