Car, It is not clear whether the French for something in between, but it’s an ambitious growth plan that Sergio Marchionne, for the car manufacturer, had decided, it appears, suddenly, in the bin of the new FCA executive board itself.

Were the Alfa Romeo-fans of the previous week and was still over the moon with the thought of the 8C successor, then they will be treated to an ice-cold shower. During the presentation of the most recent quarterly figures, it has to be current FCA ceo Mike Manley let it be understood that the “road map” of Alfa Romeo (with a strategic overview of the future launches, editor’s note), those of us in the coming years, and the seven new, models, promised to “drastically cut back”. The Italian car manufacturer intends in the next few years, mainly focusing on the more profitable models (such as the expected Tone, and a more compact B-sport utility vehicles (SUV) at his figures again in order to get it, what does that mean for the promised successors and assigns, for the GTV and 8C present (?) the fridge has to be stopped.