An Irish judge has sentenced two teenage boys for the rape and murder of 14-year-old klasgenote Ana Kriégel. One of the teens was given a life sentence, a term of imprisonment of 15 years. Of the two, came to watch last year, and the victim to an abandoned home where she was beat, raped, and eventually murdered.

the Two boys were thirteen years of age when she was Ana’s Kriégel on the 17th of may 2018 and murdered in an abandoned house in Lucan, a small town in the vicinity of the capital of Ireland, Dublin, ireland. They are one of the youngest People in history to have a moordproces in Ireland has been condemned as a criminal. Due to their young age, their real names will not be mentioned. In the Uk and Irish media, be they Boy A and Boy B, ” as well.

research has shown that both of these guys in advance, asked her what they were planning to do with the mother. B, Ana to leave the farm to them, and tell them that A of her there, waiting. Anna had a crush on A. then, When the girl arrived, she was severely beaten up. The boys beat and raped her. The autopsy report says that Ana is a sixth injury was. Around her neck was a thick layer of tape.