Investigators filed a case at Novosibirsk, which accused the MP and his son in a knife attack

Today, may 6, Novosibirsk investigators opened a criminal case against HR specialist Maxim Borschev, before he announced that on Saturday attacked the Deputy of “United Russia” Mkrtich Hovsepyan and his son Hovsep Hovsepyan.

23 APR NGS spoke about the incident last night in the stairwell between Maxim Borschev and Hovsepyan. The conflict borschiv was in the hospital with stab wounds to the stomach and lost six pints of blood. Version Borschev, he was attacked suddenly and for no reason — father-Hovsepyan held him, and the son-Hovsepian struck several times with a knife. According to the lawyers of the family Hovsepian, it was different: borschiv reason, bursting into the apartment of Hovsepyan’s, and they pushed him out, and about stabbing the lawyers said nothing.