Royalty-free The death of princess Diana: well, it’s a mystery that has the world’s 22nd of the year from the date we still keep touch. Recently it became known that the British princess, a few months before the crash and her death in itself would be predicted to have an explosive letter sent to her personal butler Paul Burrel. In the news worldwide to be picked up, and it also has a police inspector Colin McLaren, which at the time of the fatal accident is being investigated. After 22 years, he believes that it is time for the rule of law.

it Was the death of princess Diana on 31 August 1997 in Paris, is a conspiracy? All these years, after the death of princess Diana and her lover Dodi Al-Fayed does the world still can’t stop talking about the case.According to the inspector, Colin McLaren, it would of the investigation into the death of princess Diana, however, need to be further tested. He is of the opinion that the French and British secret services, in consultation with the royal family, it is very far down in the cover-up of the preciezetoedracht the event of an accident.

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“we have heard that a new witness, which is the crash and have seen it happen with their own eyes, could not see what happened just after the accident has happened”, what it sounds like. “We have to have the key witness cannot be questioned, a man who, although 22 years of age, the order has got to, of course.Follow him to the police, several startling errors, and incorrect estimates have been made.”


Who is the witness, the 54-year-old French-Vietnamese Le, From ho chi minh city. He was sitting in a white Fiat Uno, as well, which was severely damaged when it collided with the crashed Mercedes was a big plus. Immediately after the accident, it was From ho chi minh city for six hours and interrogated, but he would have to, because the French, the services have found that he has nothing to do with the death of Diana, would have so innocent was.De the authorities have always maintained that the crash occurred because the driver, Henri Paul, was drunk and in control of the Mercedes, lost, after being blinded by all the flashes from the cameras of the paparazzi and photographers, who are Diana’s and Dodi’s footsteps were.However, the new evidence, and witnesses, who are supported by forensic experts, according to the inspector, to demonstrate that this version is wrong, it is part of a cover up.