The  most famous Indian male model Karan Oberoi also known as KO  talks about his workout, diet, body and much more.
Karan Oberoi also known by his initials ‘KO’ has one of the most in demand face and body in the fashion and fitness modeling  world, being India’s  top model didn’t come easy. To remain in the best shape possible for specific events or campaigns requires hard work, dedication and focus. Karan ‘KO’ Oberoi has it all, he explains his secrets on staying in shape and achieving this great physique.
How many times do you train in a week and how long are your workout sessions?
Normally 6 days a week and Sundays off, lasting 45mins to an hour. Because I firmly believe it’s not about how much you workout, its rather how intenseI it is, I try to spend quality time in the gym making sure less time rest between sets.
You’ve been in many popular ads and campaigns often showing great abdominal work, what are your secrets to having Karan ‘KO’ Oberoi abs?
I’d actually probably say that my abs are really natural and I have never put much effort in attaining them. I really do not enjoy working on my abs much, a good abs though have a lot to do with diet and whatever I have, is because I have a good diet and do lot of running.
The male modelling industry hasn’t always had muscular models like yourself, have you always been quite muscular and in good shape?
I have always been into sports, when I was in my teens I used to play cricket and football a lot, so I still remember when I was in college a lot of guy used to ask me which gym do you go to? But honestly at that time I had never ever even entered any gym, what I mean to say is, it lot depends upon your genes too, being born in a Sikh Punjabi family was always at little broader side and before I got into modeling it didn’t take me much time to get in shape!
Being a busy man like yourself, what does Karan Oberoi ‘KO’  like to do in his spare time to relax when not modelling or working out?
Working out is quite intoxicating, like any other drug, trust me I can’t start my day if I don’t workout. What I mean is, it doesn’t matter I am busy or not, workout has become like a prayer and gym is like a temple that I have to visit every day, it gives me eternal peace.
Karan Oberoi (KO)  Workout
Do you have a specific kind of diet you stick to regularly throughout the year or do you like to enjoy the foods you eat?
The most conventional diet to keep your body great in shape all year around is eating high protein diet like salmon fish, egg whites, chicken breast and sprouts. This all is true but I believe in eating right food and making it your habit, which is very important like eating healthy whole wheat foods, oats, quinoa, green vegetables and falling in love with them more like being married to them! That’s the only way to look great in shape all year around. Also, one should keep switching and changing diet after every month or so because body gets used to it and stops responding!
What is your supplementation like, do you take vitamins, protein shakes etc?
I don’t rely much on supplements  though, and strongly against the use of steroids and growth hormones as they have temporary results and also life threat. I use good quality protein shake powders, pre workout supplements to give some initial kick during workout, glutamine, BCAAS powders and make sure not to over do and take everything in balance.
What are your favourite and least favourite body parts to train?
My favourite body part is arms which I am actually known for in the industry, I enjoy doing them and was always passionate to have great arms since my initial years when I started gyming. Moreover this is one body part which is majorly visible.
I hate doing legs and abs. But you can’t ignore as they are most important and should not be ignored by anyone, legs constitutes the roots of the tree that is body.
Everyone loves to have days when we eat whatever we want, what is your favorite cheat meal and how often do you cheat?
I have to say I don’t really cheat at all or have a day off. Even if I have to cheat I would try to eat healthy, for instance if I would like to eat pizza, pasta or burger I shall like to eat made from whole wheat.
We always see people in the gym trying to push the heaviest weight with poor form to build muscle, how important would you emphasize on having good technique  rather than the weight your pushing?
The rule of thumb is when you are lifting extremely heavy it’s totally fine if your form is little incorrect, for models and for a regular boy going to gym I shall rather say not lifting heavy rather focusing more on their lifting technique and repetitions that shall give extremely hard and strong muscles.
When programming your sessions do you normally work specific muscle groups for each day in the gym?
There are several ways you can work out. Now because it’s been a decade since I first started working out, there are lot of ways you can work out and which I have also experimented so far. There is single body part a day workout which is most popular and 2 body part a day, but my favorite is circuit training but can only be done with some experience and definitely ending your workout with abs and little running on treadmill.
What advice can Karan Oberoi (KO) give to someone who aspires to have a body like him?
To have a lean and muscular body like mine you need to focus more on diet rather than workout, because I firmly believe 70 percent is dependent upon how clean  your diet is and 30 percent depends on your training, moreover be passionate and don’t give up to have a body like mine.
Could you give an example of a Karan Oberoi (KO)  training week split?
Monday- chest and triceps
 Chest- flat bench press, incline dumbbell press, decline pull over, cable cross over
 Triceps- close grip bench press, cable pushdown, parallel bar dips.
 Tuesday- intense running with 45 min abs
 Abs- exercise ball reverse crunch, hanging leg raise, plank.
Wednesday- Back and biceps.
 Back- pull ups, cable seated row, one arm dumbbell row.
 Biceps- barbell curl, dumbbell alternate bicep curl and concentrated curls.
Thursday- Intense running and on spot jumping with change in abs exercises.
Friday- Shoulder and legs
 Shoulder- barbell shoulder press, dumbbell lateral raise, front raise
 Legs- barbell front squat, seated leg curl, calf press, leg extension.
Saturday- Running and change in cardio vascular exercises.
 Sunday- Rest Day.
Karan Oberoi aka KO  is such a humble and genuine guy, we would like to thank Karan for this informative interview and wish him all the very best for his future endeavors!