Weird to see An old woman of 74, in Guntur in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh gave birth to twins. Erramatti Mangayamma became pregnant through IVF. Yesterday put a brave zeventigstertwee girls in the world. “The mother and the baby make it do,” said the doctor, Sanakkayala Umasankar. As the age of the mother is confirmed, it is going to be, so far as is known, in order to set a world record.

Erramatti Mangayamma was married, in 1962, with the Yaramati Sitarama Rajarao, a farmer, who is now 80-years-old, it would have been. The koppelwilde always wanted children, but Mangayamma himself, but didn’t end up pregnant, in spite of many attempts. Up until now, so to say. Two months after it was last year with IVF and had begun, it was finally happening. “We have been incredibly lucky,” says the new father. The twins were born by an emergency c-section. The four doctors conducted the delivery. Mangayamma was in January, under the constant supervision of a dozen or so doctors.

Mangayamma have felt themselves stigmatised and excluded by their community, just because she is not a mother. “The neighbours called to me like the childless woman,” she says. “They looked at me as if I was a sin to commit it.” However, her husband was “like a rock” by her side.