Traveling In Florida last week with a 137-meter-high hotel. Not quite as crazy in the US, one would think. However, this imposing structure is, however, very, very, very special for me. It is a spectacular building in the shape of a… a guitar. “The Love, the Hotel hopes to be a major tourist attraction in South Florida.

on Thursday, the doors of the hotel, in the city of Hollywood, near Miami, with a lot of bells and whistles is open. Among other stars such as Johnny Depp, Khloé Kardashian and Bella Thorne were also there for the grand opening, where, among other things, a light show, and a ‘guitar smash’event, to the appropriate oeh’s and aah’s in prison.

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The miljardenproject of the Hard Rock International chain, is erected next to an existing casino in the group. The hotel includes, among other features 638 hotel rooms, a swimming pool and even a lagoon with a rooftop bar, with its 14 restaurants, retail shops, a sports centre and, of course, a huge concert hall, where the famous band ‘Maroon 5′ in the meantime, though, the best of them. The exterior is shiny and the shiny ‘tool’ stately home in the sun, and by night, imitating in a striking light, the strings of the guitar.