Formula 1-Mick Schumacher is looking with mixed feelings back on the finished his debut season in the Formula 2, which is by fits and starts went. The son of an F1 legend, Michael Schumacher drove just up to the stage. At the same time, press the ‘Schumi jr.,’ a deep respect for Sebastian Vettel, with whom he had a very special relationship built up.

“Sometimes I have thought of ‘oh shit’ as I thought it was tegenzat, but I know that I am still a learning process to go through,” says Mick Schumacher, in an interview with Motorsport-Magazin’. “In a difficult period makes you stronger.If we are able to do the things to make it ultimately a positive work, then we will have learned more than anything from the beginning, it was gone. Those who, at a given point in the F1, get off, and suddenly finds that nothing is going to feel the pressure. Which are the situations in which a driver is able to completely block it. If you are in such difficult times, all have been overcome, you may be better able to cope with such a situation.”

Ferrari, a

Mick Schumacher has been a member of the Ferrari Driver Academy, which was a logical step to take. The father, Michael, won five of his seven world championship titles in the F1, in the service of the ‘Scuderia’.“I’m attracted to a Ferrari,” says Mick. “I’m with them growing up, and I have always, for our teams, we went on one more season na.De the passion that they have for the sport, it is a wonderful thing. Appreciate you all the more for the Ferrari. Walk into Maranello’s very special, it’s just one big happy family.My dad has made a great contribution to the 458 Italia (sports car with a 4.5 liter V8 engine and 570 HP, ed.). He has worked closely with the engineers to develop it. I can feel it in my DNA from my father, each and every Ferrari. It really makes me proud.”


if you are a Ferrari was Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel back in. With his fellow countryman and four-time world champion, built a ‘Schumi jr., ” a special band, as it turns out.“I have a lot of respect for Sebastian. We talk a lot about the sport. I try to give suggestions in the practice. I think that my father is Sebastian, he is currently, for me, it is. Someone with whom I was very close to standing up with those who I am about the sport can talk about.”