The Following is the capture of the German market, addresses the Jumbo and now its sights on Belgium. On the 6th of november, opening of the Dutch retail chain’s doors, in the municipality Peel, close to the border with the Netherlands. “The choice of The it is, nevertheless, happen to be, and we hope that in the long term to 100 stores spread across the whole of Flanders, to be open, you hear the sound of the Jumbo.

Dutch supermarkets over the past few years, has grown a lot in the country. “In the Netherlands, our market share in a period of 10 years has been multiplied by four, so we are ready for the Belgian market,” said CEO Frits van Eerd. “Our aim is to be in all of the provinces to be present, but we have to go step-by-step to do,” adds Managing Director, Peter Isaac. “The first store will open in The since that project has, in practice, the first run could be made. The choice of location is purely coincidental.

Isaacs, is of the opinion that the Belgian subsidiary, in addition to the surprising Dutch, is also familiar with Belgian products should be on the market. “Our shelves are filled with well-known Belgian brands, such as Lotus, and in the Côte d’or. In addition, we will sell the Flemish expense, such as beef stew and chicken fricassee, in the form of prepared meals. In addition, our klantenbij a piece of pork or beef, home-grown. Our bread is made in Belgium, and even the cutters are adjusted to the Belgian measure.”