Royalty, prince, Prince Harry, has a brief stay in Japan in the final match of the world cup rugby, and an opportunity to take a closer look at the new Para-Arena-training centre in Tokyo, japan. There to prepare the athletes for the Paralympic Games next year in the Japanese capital to be held.

by Harry spoke with a number of athletes look at training in the rolstoelrugby, boccia and weightlifting. He also had a meeting with the school, from Yokohama, where the paralympic team of Great Britain, the following year, before the Olympics, his training, save.

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in The presence of the duke of Sussex, with the grand finale in Yokohama, picked up in England are not very good. In south Africa, was found with a 32-12 ordering is clearly a lot more powerful. Harry has been in since march of 2017 to become patron of the Rugby Football Union, a position which he has inherited from his grandmother, the queen. Brother, William, is supportive of the rugby people of Wales, and his aunt, princess Anne, has been involved with the national team of Scotland.