Film’s first screening of the new “Lady And The Tramp” movie in New York city turned out to be a knuffelfestijn. Not only are the dogs in the film were in attendance, as well as some of the dogs from a local shelter, which will undoubtedly be more quickly adopted and will be now that they are a bit more sterrenfactor have.

from The live-action version of “Lady And The Tramp”, in the us it is known as the ” Lady And The Tramp’, will be available as from the 12th of november can be seen on the Disney+. This is also the day on which the new streamingzender expansion into two additional countries to be launched in the united states and Canada. Up until now, the station is only in the Netherlands, where a test phase was used. If Disney is+ in Belgium will be made available, it is not yet known.

See also the Tramp from the ” new ” Lady And The Tramp’, was a local stray dog

in the Meantime, we may be able to enjoy some of the pictures taken in New York city were taken in the presence of the entire cast. And by “complete” we mean also vollédig: near beach are the roles of the Lady and the Tramp games is also available. They were well-behaved on the photo, and their voice actors: Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux.

all The actors and actresses posed with a few of the dogs out of the shelter, in the hopes that these animals, as quickly as possible and finding a home.