Showbiz Anywhere is better than at home … at Disneyland Paris. Last weekend we went to a part of the cast of the popular Reality television show ‘Home’ at the French’s park, where the characters of Nancy, and He is a huwelijksbeloften have to be renewed. And that, in the presence of 500 loyal viewers.

From 2017, in offices of Nancy (Ann Pira), and He (the Raf Jansen tied the knot in a ‘home away from Home’. The couple went later for our honeymoon to Disneyland Paris and they celebrated in the last weekend of their second anniversary. Nancy and He have renewed their huwelijksbeloften, and did their first dance has an idyllic location in the park. Even Mickey and Minnie Mouse and wanted to heugelijk time, don’t miss it. Afterwards it could be for the fans to take their picture with their favorite actor, and Disneyfiguur.

you may Also Yemi Oduwale (Country), Jeroen Lenaerts (Tim), Kadèr Gürbüz (Kelly) and Elise Roels, Emma, traveled with them. And, like Ann, and They gave it the exceptional honour to be just in time for the start of the ‘Disney ‘ Stars On Parade’, and a lot of Disneyfiguren in the parade through the park, a stroll, a ride in a colorful old-timer along the way. In addition, the actors and the real stars are cheered on by tens of thousands of visitors. Which also has a lot of fans of the ” home away from Home’. They were all the magic happen, from the top of the first row to see that.

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