In the October district of the woman fell under the wheels of the car

on Thursday Evening, August 13, it became known that the Oktyabrsky district car knocked down a woman. Information about this appeared in the group of Novosibirsk service of evacuation in “Vkontakte”.

the Duty of the 112 service confirmed the incident:

At 21:49 it’s the first message that in the street Bolshevik, 175/6 hit a woman, she’s bleeding.

According to the Novosibirsk service of evacuation, “AST-54”, from blow about the car of the victim shoes came off, and the car busted windshield. Members of the group said that in view of the victim about 45-55 years. At the time of the accident, the woman allegedly crossed the road in the wrong place. It had been taken away in an ambulance.