In the hospitals of Novosibirsk flash of coronavirus among doctors. As they spent millions on their defense

Every seven cases of coronavirus in the Novosibirsk region — the health worker. The ranks of those who are treating residents, is thinning every week — contracted physicians sent to the hospital, and someone die. At war with the virus, they were poorly protected. The health Ministry says that doctors are ordinary people and can become infected COVID-19 outside the hospital. But talk about the lack of masks, respirators and special suits continue to circulate in the city. In hospitals that are not officially accept davidnyc patients outbreaks coronavirus. When the coronavirus had just reached the city and came under attack, the second hospital emergency room, her doctors were protected by gauze bandages — they bought the yarn, and sewed the mask to the nurse. The mother of one of Novosibirsk doctors said that he had spent on respirators son and his colleagues 100 thousand — it took three pension plus aid the businessman. While public procurement show interesting figures. Details — in the material Elena Gur’yanovoy.