In the Gori district from the fourth floor fell man

on 28 July at about 01:24 night of the 24-storey building No. 12 in the mountain district of Leninsky district of Novosibirsk from the window of the fourth floor fell a man.

— When you drop died, found at the entrance of the house, — have informed in service of “112”.

In a press-service GU of the Ministry of internal Affairs on NSO explained that the identity of the deceased men have not yet installed:

— the Check is conducted by the Investigation Committee, the circumstances are still mounted.

One of the weirdest falls from Windows occurred in April of this year Novosibirsk travel blogger Anatoly gomzikov came to visit his Internet friend Alex Hrebtov. They were talking on Instagram, but personally met for the first time, although lived in the same residential complex “Clear coast”. Men the entire night drinking moonshine and beer, and in the morning Hrebtov was found dead under the Windows of his house — he fell from the window. Tell, what happened that night.