Health to have A permanent hump, protruding abdomen, and varicose veins, according to experts, in the future, the appearance of the white-collar workers. The scholarship is a life-size doll is made to demonstrate how to have a bad attitude towards work, physical effects it can have.

In a report, ” The co-worker of the future’, says behavioural expert William Higham, that 90 per cent of British people struggling with the work conditions that result from that.

however, He warned in the daily newspaper The Independent , that is, employers and employees have to take care of. “Unless we make radical changes, such as getting more exercise, the better, at our office, and regularly just go for a walk, going to our offices for us to be very ill.”Around half the Uk’s white-collar workers have been suffering from back pain and headaches as a result of their attitude to their work.

The investigators are based on interviews with more than 3,000 employees about their health concerns. According to the report, they went to a full-scale model, which is the name of Emma, was present. “He is the representation of how badly designed work stations can cause people to look to change,” says Higham.

Emma is affected by:
– – – a permanent hunchback, due to long hours in a bad posture, has to sit down.
varicose veins as a result of reduced blood circulation.
– impaired maagwerking by sitting down to work.
for dry, red eyes at a computer screen to stare at.
– swelling of hands, wrists, and ankles, due to, repetitive movement.
– white skin, for many years, in areas with artificial light to work with.
the red spots caused by laptopwarmte
dermatitis caused by stress.
– an ear, nose, and ears, which, much to her growing, due to the bad quality of the air.