Freedom of time, more and more people are eating veggie, or vegan. However, it is not always easy to get a place with a plant area of france. Why does Tripadvisor have a list of cities with the most vegan friendly places. If you are a vegan, or if you would like some meat in? These towns are the ideal destination for a city break or an overnight stay.

The list is, of course, was not randomly put together. It was a true analysis to be carried out by the onderzoeksbureauHayes & Jarvis. She looked at the top 50 most-visited cities in the world. Every city had at least 500 restaurants to choose from, and each and every place to eat at least 10 reviews. Then, within several minutes the researchers number of cases per city for vegan food on the menu was.

Dublin came out as the winner. Up 21,2% of the restaurants are vegan, or serve a vegetable-based dishes. Silver is going to go to Phuket (a decrease of 20.1%), Amsterdam, the netherlands is going to walk away with a bronze medal (to 19.8%).

The complete top 10: 1. Dublin, Ireland, (21,2%)